The Weight Loss Calculator can help decide the amount of weight you can lose on well known eating regimens and particular calorie arranges.

For instance, what amount of weight might you be able to lose on the off chance that you took after a 1,200 calories (ladies) or 1,800 calories (men) eating regimen arrangement for two weeks, a month or six weeks? Or, maybe you are thinking about to what extent it would take to lose 30 lbs on a fluid eating routine, Atkins or Weight Watchers.

Just Fat Loss, not Muscle Loss

When you’re attempting to get in shape you ought to attempt keep your incline muscles at all expenses! Muscle is you’re mystery “fat loss” weapon. Muscles expand the body’s general metabolic rate, blazing calories three times quicker than fat cells.

Muscle gives you definition, you will look more grounded, more strong and fit. It will likewise help maintain a strategic distance from the feared nebulous thin fat look.


Shockingly an extensive rate of weight loss is muscle mass, almost 50%, when you take after low calorie diets.

Staying away from Muscle Loss

As indicated by an American College guidelines, ladies ought not drop underneath 1,200 calories for every day and men ought to eat no less than 1800. It is suggested that health food nuts just cut near about 500 and 1000 calories from their eating regimen every day as any more will hazard muscle loss.


You can, likewise, focus your protected every day calorie allow and maintain a strategic distance from insignificant muscle loss by eating no less than 70% of your support calories. Anything less can bring about muscle loss and metabolic log jam. Your support calories refers to the measure of calories you expend daily to stay at your present weight.

With a specific end goal to get thinner and evade negligible muscle loss a 200lb male needs to expend no less than 70% of his day by day support calories. Seventy percent of his day by day support calories measures up to 1,610 calories, a shortage of 690 calories.

Perils of Low Calorie Diets

Low calorie eating methodologies are short term, high hazard weight reduction arrangements which are immediately turned around when health food nuts do a reversal to their old propensities. The weight reduction is basically because of starvation.


The introductory weight reduction, which may have been sensational, is, generally, water loss and degeneration of muscle wellbeing, not fat loss.

Physically, a low calorie eating regimen can have progressing symptoms that keep going long after the member has halted the low calorie diet. These incorporate an increment in insulin resistance and an abatement in the viability of the thyroid organ.


The impacts of a low calorie eating routine don’t stop there, you might likewise encounter amazingly low vitality levels, a fixation on sustenance and yearnings and a loss of clarity in you’re considering.

The healthiest and most maintainable approach to shed pounds is to pick an eating regimen with the appropriate measure of calories and nourishing substance to lose around 1 - 2 lbs per week.


Note: This is realistic and doable, specially when pooled with standard moderate activity.